How to be Creative on Instagram

How to be Creative on Instagram

You want to gain more followers and be influential in social media through your Instagram account? One way to do so is creative on your newsfeed so that you can encourage other users to follow our account. If you want to be unique, fun and creative, here are some tips that you should consider:

Always take your images in bright light

Blurred images in dark sides can discourage others users to follow your account. If you want a photo that is worth following, make sure that you always shoot your images in bright lights to emphasize the essential elements of your photos and you can ensure that it will result in artistic and beautifully taken pictures.

Edit first before you post

Don’t post too quickly—take some time to edit your pictures first. Editing your photos will make sure that can beautify it and transform it into something amazing. Just by adjusting the brightness, adding contrast, a little bit of warmth or saturation, highlighting and sharpening, you can assure that you’ll have amazing photos to post. Make sure to put some filter, though.

Always look in a bigger picture

As much as possible, make sure that you see your Instagram as a whole picture, not just a bunch of separate images. To put it simply, once you’ve posted a photo, make sure that the next image that you will be posting is relevant to your previous post or you are following the same theme to organize your images.

Follow a certain theme

Make sure that you are following a certain theme for you to look for identical elements that you are going to post. In choosing a theme, always pick one that is your style and the one that would reflect on your images. Sticking with a certain theme will assure your followers that they will will see the next flattering and beautiful images on your next post again.

Post behind-the-scene pictures

If you want to give them a glimpse of what you are doing behind the scene, post pictures on it. In that way, they will have an idea on what you are doing to come up with the result of photos that you are posting. As much as possible, avoid posting selfies on behind-the-scene photos. Choose one where they can clearly see that you are in action.

Post memes/Promote

You want your newsfeed to be fun and alluring? Then post memes! It is a great way to attract new followers because they would keep on looking for more in your newsfeed. Make sure that the picture is relevant to the phrases that you are going to inject and follow hot trends today to have an idea on what would be your memes will look like. There are thousands of Instagram users who gained millions of followers just because of their memes. The best example of that is the famous 9Gag. To always get to the top in top posts for hashtags, resort to immediate likes on Instagram with automatic Instagram likes.

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